At the heart of Heavyweight Rex is a creatively tremendously gifted, 10-people strong team, that has worked on a myriad of high-profile projects, catering to several heavyweight names such as Atari, Bandai Namco, Marvel, Lord of the Rings, BBC, Redlynx a Ubisoft Studio, Housemarque, Nitro Games, Paradox Interactive, and many others. In addition to that, we have an extended team consisting of industry veterans in various areas such as monetization, economics, blockchain, and so on. 
The team at Heavyweight Rex stands in unison to work towards one common vision, to transform the hybrid idle games in mobile with simply brilliant new games.

Sami Liukka



Sami does his thing in the company business development, partnerships, and preparing for growth opportunities. Sami has been active in participating in the development of new products, from ideation to prototyping and launch. Sami is an award-winning entrepreneur with a background of 18+ years in business development and 8+ years in games. 


Petteri Huttunen

Product, Design


Petteri is a veteran Product Manager and Game Designer with 17+ years of game industry experience, having managed multiple areas e.g. design, art and business. He has worked from original IP projects to world-class productions for BBC. 


Kalle Cederström
Lead Developer


Kalle is the grandsire lead developer who has led several game teams, with programming career of 20+ years. He has worked from original IP projects to world-class productions for BBC. 


ville vehmaa



Ville is an absolutely versatile and visionary game artist and animator, whose work has been critically acclaimed in the industry. From award-winning sitcom work titled ‘Pasila’ that was broadcasted by the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) to prominent game art that was featured on Facebook and mobile games.


Kari Laitinen


Kari is a lead game designer who has held several game design and game lead positions in PC, console and mobile projects, in a career that has spanned 20+ years. Primarily responsible for the creation of 20+ titles, Kari’s most notable work is in games created for companies such as Atari, Bandai Namco, Housemarque, RedLynx (Acquired by Ubisoft) and Nokia.


Janne Lahdenperä

Back-End Developer


Janne is our full-stack developer, lately focusing mostly on backend development. Janne additionally contributes with his experience-taught skills in all areas of programming. His most prominent work includes multiple titles for leading game companies such as Nitro Games.


Henrik Lindström

Frontend Developer


Henrik is devoted to game development on the client-side. As being a well-communicated programmer who does his research, Henrik knows how to constantly exceed expectations. His most notable previous work was his contribution to development of the Top Gear game for BBC.


Petra Jyrkäs

People & Producing


Petra is a versatile people and project manager with 15+ years of track record, managing e.g. tech development projects. She has worked for a number of big corporations with small teams with always focus on people first. 


Esa Ruoho



Esa pursues all things & details in quality assurance, with skills and experience in manual debugging and testing. Esa has worked for a number of leading gaming studios, with some of his most notable quality assurance work overseeing the creation of titles for Marvel and Lord of the Rings.