A career at Heavyweight Rex means epic work, mess around and an opportunity to revolutionize and change the face of gaming. You will be at the forefront of creating games that define the very landscape of the play in our selected genres.
A career with us will also mean you enjoy an enormous amount of independence while you do what you want to do best: Create stunning new games, and the technology, enabling millions of people to consume our products. 

Besides workplace freedom, you are also very welcome to embrace our internationally open workplace atmosphere.

Keywords: F2P2E, P2E, F2P, Mobile Games, Blockchain, Game Development, GameFi, Multiverse, Community, DAO, work from home. 

See below for listings on positions open at the moment.

Currently, we are looking for a full-time senior blockchain developer. Or alternatively two part-time developers. You can be located and work from anywhere in the world.

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