Heavyweight Rex is a privately held game development studio focused on creating pocket-sized and thoughtful game experiences for people around the world. 
At Heavyweight Rex, we believe in empowering our team with the freedom and the culture to create games that people want to enjoy.
With each of our original games, we aim to develop for the player a safe place, mixing fascinating characters and hooking gameplay elements to offer gripping fun, while doing our best to avoid mushy relationships to bits.

We believe in connecting with the communities, and the value of accelerated and measurable R&D in Web3, GameFi, and player-owned economies.

Here at Heavyweight Rex, we will be committed, at the forefront of these tides, to serve you our player, well. 


1. Looking to create the best impact
We go all in delivering to you.

2. Understanding our communities
Though the future is digital, it’s still experienced by regular people.

3. Celebrating inclusivity in gaming
Aiming for accessible and universal opportunities for everyone.

4. Working through Play
Emotions bring out our best qualities and make us feel good.

5. Being stronger together
Each person adds value and can make a difference.