Heavyweight Rex is privately held game development studio focused on creating equal opportunities for people around the world. We have been doing mobile Free to Play games and we believe that power belongs to people. 
At Heavyweight Rex, we believe in empowering our team with the freedom to create innovative titles and engaging gameplay that everyone wants to enjoy as a way of life. After all, fun is the core. 
With each of our titles, we aim to develop a world for the player that they haven’t experienced anywhere else before. While our games shall offer gripping fun through mixing elements of strategy, fun, and freedom for the player, most importantly they’ll focus on the best possible game experiences. That means, our players can focus on having fun while turning their passion into a profitable occupation in life.

We believe player-owned economies will transform not just games but also industries and the way of life. And Heavyweight Rex will be at the forefront of enabling this change for us.